Disability Management

Siyaya Skills Institute’s Disability Management Program gives employers a way to integrate and understand the employment of people with disabilities into their environment with the necessary support they would need to create a co-operative and productive workplace, not only as learnerships but future employment to meet their Employment Equity targets. Our process is designed to facilitate the employment of a person with a disability through a coordinated effort and taking into account individual needs, the work environment, time spent in the training environment, as well as utilize the service and expertise from the Disability Sector incorporating various strategies that can ensure success. 

Our Process helps towards achieving your companies' responsibility in the following two focus areas:

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The Candidate

Applicable to:

  • Recruiting people with disabilities in conjunction with disability organisations, government departments, communities and media outreach
  • Conduct a Functional Assessment by a qualified Occupational Therapist to analyse and confirm the type of disability and potential integration opportunities
  • Evaluate the candidate to determine Numeracy and Literacy status and level
  • Select and guide the candidates for possible learnerships and skills interventions
  • Sensitise and induct the selected candidates into the learning intervention
  • Mentor and support the candidate during training
  • Encourage and support gainful employment on successful completion of the learning intervention

The Workplace

In respect of:

  • Analysing the workplace accessibility and assist in removing possible barriers for learner with disabilities in the workplace to achieve success at the end of the learnership program
  • Matching the suitable candidate to the workplace
  • Sensitise the Job coach and relevant staff
  • Mentor and support the workplace learning process
  • Encourage and support employment and assist with the  retention of people with disabilities in the workplace

This collaborative dual intervention addresses both the need of the Individual and the need of the Employer thus dispelling the fear of the unknown and preconceived perceptions through guidance and support to achieve the common objective of all concerned.

Mentoring forms an essential part of the Learnership Training and Assessment process. Disability learners undergo group and one-on-one mentoring. In addition, Siyaya provides monthly mentoring on-site once the learners are placed in the workplace.

Siyaya Skills Institute uses tried and tested methodology, at low risk with the sound experience of large corporate, supporting and developing niche experts in the market. We have worked together for nearly 8 years servicing the interests of stakeholders in the Disability, Corporate and SETA community. Siyaya Skills Institute’s facilities uphold the quality and safety requirements - confirmed by Disability Consultants - for their suitability regarding disability access.

We offer the following services in the Disability field which can be selected individually or as a whole:

  • Project Management of Learnerships for people with disabilities
  • Specialised Learnership and Skills Training Interventions for people with disabilities
  • Functional Assessment of individuals with disabilities
  • Sensitisation of companies regarding disability needs and reasonable accommodation
  • Mentoring and support of Learners on learnership
  • Guidance and support of workplaces during learnership interventions
  • Accessibility audits
  • Job matching of candidates
  • Reasonable accommodation consultation
  • Sourcing of candidates for enrolment
  • Assist in the placement into employment of successful candidates through our database of past students

It is our aim to recognise that disabled young people enjoy the same rights as we do and that we have a responsibility towards the promotion of their quality of life through programs to alleviate poverty and uplift their economic and social status. Due to the insufficient facilities offered to the youth with special needs exiting school there is a need for training in occupational skills that can assist them to obtain employment.

Siyaya Skills Institute is a professionally-accredited Training Provider which satisfies the requirements of the new Skills Development Legislation in South Africa. Siyaya, an externally verified Level 1 B-BBEE contributor, ensures the delivery of quality learning ensuring compliance at the lowest average cost while maximising all available financial and strategic benefits for our clients.



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