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Siyaya prides itself on attracting the best that industry has to offer. Our committed staff are client centric, instilled with a desire to find innovative solutions to our customers' needs. Whether in the role as training officer, Skills development facilitator, consultant or occupational therapist our qualified team comprises of consummate professionals invested in making the difference. All staff are exposed to continual professional development as their training guarantees the relevance of our products maximizing the benefits available to our partnering companies. Siyaya's service offering affords clients the opportunity of accessing specialized skills with a fractional cost of ownership. These managed resources outline efficiencies allowing clients to pursue objectives which are core to their business.

Who makes the big difference

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Brent Oakes: Director, Siyaya Skills Institute 

"The Siyaya team is privileged to partner our clients in their journey of compliance and development. The reward for all participants is unpacking the supporting legislation which assists forward thinking companies to plan and progress along the path outlined by government  through this legislation. We add value by contextualizing the benefits available to participating organizations assisting their staff to effectively wield the distinctive market advantage they enjoy over their competitors."

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Patti Oakes: National Director, Siyaya Skills Institute

"Siyaya's vision, in addition to developing people, has been to educate Industry regarding the value of employing disabled persons. This involves education on changing their attitudes and the environment.

Customer service is also key to our success. As Registered Skills Development Facilitators for currently more than 150 companies nationally, we can advise, consult and influence the training and placement of all designation of persons, thereby assisting companies to meet their Equity targets."




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